A Guide to the Main Session Outlines of AWS MENA 2020

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As a Cloud Solution Architect who has interest in Multi-Cloud Solutions, currently, I am interested in Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is one of the leader cloud providers in the world.

AWS Community Day events are community-led conferences where event logistics and content is planned, sourced, and delivered by community leaders. They feature technical discussions, workshops, and hands-on labs led by expert AWS users and industry leaders from around the world. Community Day events deliver a peer-to-peer learning experience, providing developers with a venue for them to acquire AWS knowledge in their preferred way: from one another. In many ways they are events put on “by the community, for the community”.

Over the two days, 25–26 September 2020, I had the pleasure of attending many excellent technical sessions that explained the features and capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS). That is why, I would like to share the outlines of these sessions that were presented by a group of brilliant experts. In addition, I have seeked the two long videos to certain times to get the corresponding link for each session to make it easier for you. Morever, I have added the main outlines of each session. Beside, each session title, you could click on a hyperlink to the speaker’s LinkedIn profile.

I hope you enjoy the article !

Day 1: 25 September 2020

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(1.1) Keynote 1: Modern Applications | Alex Casalbony

— Development Transformation at Amazon 2001–2002

— Changes to Architectural Patterns

—Changes to Operational Model

— Changes to the Delivery of Software

(1.2) Keynote 2: Security is everyone’s job | Ahmed Gouda

—Meet the new Security Team

— Security Automation

— When? Easy. All the time!

— Encrypt everything

— Go Build!

(1.3) Making the Cloud EPYC: AMD-based Instances in AWS | Matt Foley

— Introduction to AMD

— What is EPYC?

— EC2 Instances

— Regional Coverage

— Customer Testimonials

— Use Cases

— Reference Materials

(1.4) CI/CD in Action | Fatema Al Mannaei

— What is DevOps?

— Deployment Journey

— AWS Services: CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline

— So, What is CI/CD?

— References

— Q&A

(1.5) Designing a Scalable and Highly-Avaialable Infrastructure for Microservices on AWS | Nicolas Al Khoury

— Designer-24’s Infrastructure Evolution

— Microservices vs Monolithic Applications

— Microservices Architecture Considerations

— Building the Infrastructure on AWS

(1.6) Your Database Journey to AWS Cloud | Diaa Radwan

— Modernize and Break-free

— Database Migration Patterns

— Database Freedom Program

— AWS Migration Resources

— Q&A

(1.7) .NET on AWS | Ahmed Samir

— I’m .NET Developer. Why could I consider AWS ?!


— Monitoring and Logging

— Deployment Options

— Demos

(1.8) LAMBDA … Think Serverless | Ahmed Metwally

— Lambda Intro

— Serverless .. FaaS

— Event Sources (triggers)

— Under The Hood

— Timeout

— Layers


— Provisioned Concurrency

— Cost Example

(1.9) Build your first Voice App with Alexa | Ouadie Lahdioui

— The session was in French

(1.10) Security Elevated | Ahmed Abugharbia

— Traditional Security

— Cloud Security Challengesn

— Approaching Cloud Security

(1.11) Opensource Hybrid Cloud Computing. Enabling Applications Anywhere | Walid Shaari

— Multi- or Hyber- Cloud

— Is Public Cloud Death? The move back to the on-premise


— Hands-on Interactive Learning Session

(1.12) Build your MVP on AWS | Anas Khattar

— What is an MVP?

— Successful Startups: Dev, Team and Processes

— Architectural Patterns

— Security and Databases

Day 2: 26 September 2020

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(2.1) AI/ML on AWS | Ahmed Raafat

— Amazon’s Machine Learning Innovation

— Aramex turns to AWS to enable the company’s digital transformation

— Put Machine Learnging in hands of every developer

— AWS ML Stack..

— Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels

— Amazon Forecast

— ML Workflow is iterative and complex

— Amazon SageMaker

(2.2) Building Serverless SaaS on AWS | Ali El Kontar

— Introduction

— SaaS Benefits

— Serverless and SaaS

— SaaS Architecture Landscape

— Shared Services

— Onboarding and Identity

— Authentication injects SaaS identity

— Applying tenant strategies with API Gateway

— Provisioning Tenants and Isolation

— Cascading Tenant Scope from Siloed Function

— Using Concurreny as a Tiering Strategy

— Building Multi-tenant Functions

— The Payoff: A Simplified Developer Experience

— Takeaways

(2.3) DevOps on AWS, Getting Started | Farouq Mousa

— AWS CodeDeploy.

— AWS CodeBuild

— AWS CodePipeline

(2.4) From CloudFormation to MarketPlace. | Bassel Al-Annan

— Overview of Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)

— Introduction to AWS CloudFormat

— AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)

— Overview of AWS MarketPlace

— Benefits of AWS MarketPlace

— How to deliver Software to Clients

(2.5) AWS WAF: Auto Protect against Crawlers and Bots. | Fahd Mannaa


— WAF Components

— WAF Lab: Expert Care for the Elderly

(2.6) Terraform CI/CD Best Practices using AWS Developer Tools | Mohammed Yahya

— Introduction to Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)

— What is Terraform?

— CI/CD in detail

— Enhacements

(2.7) Security Shared Model | Gassan Matni

— AWS Cloud Security Concepts

— Shared Responsibility Model

— Identity and Access Management

— AWS Native Security Services

(2.8) Bring your own Identity Provider: Microsoft AD on AWS | Sherif Talaat

— AWS Security Checklist: Identity and Access Management

— Centralized Control

— Current Enterprise Identity Stack

— AWS Managed Microsoft AD

— Modernization: AD in the Enterprise

— Typical Use Cases

— Demo: AWS Managed AD

— AWS Single Sign On (SSO)

— Demo: AWS SSO + CLIv2

(2.9) AI Systems end-to-end on AWS | Mohammed Buallay

— Introduction to AI

— Neural Network

— Data Engineering

— Modeling

— Model in Prediction

— Model Measuring

(2.10) At the Crossroads of Agile and Automation | Joe Scholz

— Background

— Agile Intent

— Crossroads Solution

(2.11) Continuous Verification for Serverless Applications | Gunnar Grosch

— Verification of Applications

— Demo: Serverless Chaos Demo Site

— Making Verification Continuous

— Continuous Verification (CV)

— Summary

— Do you want more?

(2.12) FinOps on AWS | Nabil ben Nasrallah

— The session in French

(2.13) Getting Started with AWS Device Farm and Selenium WebDriver | Moataz Nabil

— What is Cloud Browsers/Devices?

— What is AWS Device Farm?

— What is Selenium WebDriver?

— What is Selenium Grid?

— AWS Device Farm Desktop

— Pre-requisites and Configuration

— How does it work?

— Supported Browsers, OS and Capabilities

— Pricing

— Security, Access Control and IAM

(2.14) GitOps on AWS. Codifying Multi-Cloud Operations | Mahmoud Saada

— GitOps

— Operator Pattern

— Cluster Management

— Demo

— Q&A

(2.15) How to select the right EBS| Ahmed Shendy

— What is Amazon EBS?

— Amazon EBS Volume Types

— Choosing an Amazon EBS Volume Type

— Performance Best Practices for EBS

— Saving Cost with EBS

(2.16) Small Leap for Developer, Giant Leap for Security. Why DevSecOps is more important than ever and How it is done? | Renaldi Gondosubroto

— The DevSecOps Culture

— Secure Strategies

— Project Planning

— Collaborating on Security and Compliance

— Code as Security

— Designing a DevSecOps Workflow and Architecture

— Wrap Up


I would like to thank all the oraganizers for that awesome event. I hope I don’t forget anyone:

Written by

Cloud Solution Architect and Technical Consultant who has over 20y experience in analysis, design, development and delivery of on-premise and cloud solutions.

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